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  • Harry Potter, OotP/HBP era, Recording Audio for Harry Potter Video Game
  • Empire Awards, 2010, Interview with CapitalFM
  • Into the White, first Press Conference in Grotli, with Quote about what Rupert wears in bed
  • Postman Pat, May 2014, BBC Radio1 Dev Interview, same event as the Dramatic “You and I” Monologue
  • Videos:

  • Rupert and Dan discussing HBP Video Game, ca. 2007/2008, from EA
  • HPDH2 DVD Promotion in Orlando, Interview with InsideReel, 14 Nov 2011
  • Text Santa Friends Christmas Party, 24 December 2011, from ITV
  • Into the White clip, March 2012, from TV2
  • Interview with Rupert Grint at WBST Grand Opening, 31 March 2012, BBC Breakfast TV
  • Interview with Rupert Grint at WBST Grand Opening, March 2012, MSN Exclusive
  • The Magic of Hogwarts lives on, 3 April 2012, from SunriseOn7
  • Interview with Entertainment Daily News at Berlin Film Festival, 24 February 2013
  • Clip of the Party Scene in Charlie Countryman, 2013
  • Julie Walters A Life on Screen, December 2014
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed, June 2015, Interview from ITV4

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